mercredi 14 janvier 2015

From roads to tracks, or tracks to roads : Take 2

I said that already in a previous post, will we see ever again a car manufacturer produce a car designed first for racing ?
Well, it's not annonce yet, but it seems like Ford is about to do that with its latest GT.

Rumored to race next year in Lemans for celebrating the 50th anniversary of their first win, they just unveiled the new Ford GT.

The first thing that strikes me, is the unforgiving narrowness of the thing, it look a bit strange from the top, but pretty sure it's extremely aero efficient. In relation to that, the interior look tinny and both the passenger and the driver are seated extremely close from one another, in the center of the car.

Other gimmicks on the car make it look more like a race car than anything else. Only a massive wing is missing to make it look like a proper "modern" racer.

Now that Lmp1 are far away from being normal car, it seems like a move to GT race is the "better" solution for Ford, even if it seems weird from them not to battle for the overall win.

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