samedi 31 janvier 2015

Training 5 : 917 Part 2

Well, this one sucks... I didn't put enough time for it, so the result is quite weird looking. But still, I got a better understanding at proportion and how to place lines for perspective and shortcut.

I tend to draw things always bit too short, and probably a tad too tall. The back look like it's a SD (super deformed)... Well next time I'll try to take more time.

vendredi 30 janvier 2015

Training 4 : 917 Part 1

I still have to decide, but I think I'm going to split my training into groups of drawing :
2 days in a row Human, then 2 days Tree and 2 days Object+Perspective. The seventh day of the week will probably be a bonus one.

So, this time, a car it is.

Proportions are off pretty much everywhere, the top view is going sideways and look a bit strange, but still it's good to start somewhere. I also try and force myself to draw in bigger scale for those training sessions, as for now I tend to draw mini sketches... That's probably why this one might look like it's falling apart.

jeudi 29 janvier 2015

Training 3 : Tree !

Well, enough with the greek statue for now, for this time I tried a tree... good idea on the paper, not so fun after 45 minutes of drawing leaves only...

Still some proportion issues, but I start to get how branches and leaves group to form a tree.

Edit : Tree's name is Acer Japonicum.

mercredi 28 janvier 2015

Training 2 : Ohh the pain...

As expected, yesterday was a lucky first try, but today it's back to my fear... I suck at character design.
But I'm not giving up, so i'll try to pay attention to my mistake for the third session.

His head is mess-up, legs are a bit too short and his shoulder is probably heavily dislocated... that must be really painful.

I did not choose the easiest model, yes, but it's suppose to be challenging.

mardi 27 janvier 2015

Training 1

Last time I did a character study was several years ago, and I forgot how painful it can be sometime...
But I force myself, and the result isn't that bad after all. Still it's inaccurate at some point, so training this skills isn't a bad idea I think.

I used this image as a reference since I don't have any statue available around me.

lundi 26 janvier 2015

More Houses : Number 8

Part of my training on Human/Animal and Perspective, I started today with an easy one.

More Houses : Number 7

Funny story for this one, it's after finishing it that I realize that the front deck may look a bit weird on the side view...

More Houses : Number 6

Last time I was coming home from Tokyo, in the train a women and her son start talking with me after seeing my sketch book. In a weird English she told me that my stuff looked like studio Ghibli...
Well, I take it as a compliment but I'm not sure if it's quite true.

Self conscious

I'm normally not too self conscious about my design usually, but when it come to drawing living things (human, animals...) and perspective, I sort of refuse to draw because I know the result will suck...
So, I basically never really improved my drawing skills in those 2 huge areas since I'm 12 year old...

I guess I have to start forcing myself to draw stuff even if the result will probably sucks during my first training sessions.
So, I'll probably start posting more weird (bad) looking character until I finally get better at it.

mercredi 14 janvier 2015

From roads to tracks, or tracks to roads : Take 2

I said that already in a previous post, will we see ever again a car manufacturer produce a car designed first for racing ?
Well, it's not annonce yet, but it seems like Ford is about to do that with its latest GT.

Rumored to race next year in Lemans for celebrating the 50th anniversary of their first win, they just unveiled the new Ford GT.

The first thing that strikes me, is the unforgiving narrowness of the thing, it look a bit strange from the top, but pretty sure it's extremely aero efficient. In relation to that, the interior look tinny and both the passenger and the driver are seated extremely close from one another, in the center of the car.

Other gimmicks on the car make it look more like a race car than anything else. Only a massive wing is missing to make it look like a proper "modern" racer.

Now that Lmp1 are far away from being normal car, it seems like a move to GT race is the "better" solution for Ford, even if it seems weird from them not to battle for the overall win.

dimanche 11 janvier 2015

Starfox's Arwing : 3D Structure

Long after the last drawing, now some actual 3D works are happening !
This is just a "simple" layout so far, ans it's a good visual clue on how some shapes need to be redesigned.